Pottery Ponderings with Laura Jackson, co-founder of Glassette

At the end of last year, Laura Jackson and her brother-in-law, Dan Crow created Glassette, a curated homeware platform to discover unique objects for home and life. We were so honoured when the pair asked us to be part of their new venture. We sell a selection of our pieces through Glassette along with some other fantastic small brands and makers. If you are a lover of interiors it is well worth a look! 

Alongside Glassette, Laura is a broadcaster, fashion and interiors tastemaker and the founder of the hugely popular food and lifestyle brand HOSTE, which has its own podcast, HOSTEing with Laura Jackson. She also has a monthly column in ELLE Decoration, a fashion and homeware edit with LabelMix. So we think you’ll agree, a rather impressive woman!

We chatted with Laura about all things homeware, interiors and ceramics. Read on for some great tips, insights and inspiration. 


Tell us where your love of homeware and interiors began

I think it mainly started when I was involved in food, cooking and entertaining. I co-founded a supper club a few years ago. Although it was very much about the food and what we were eating, it was actually just as important to create great tablescapes and to bring people together around a table. The food was the vessel but we also wanted to ensure that we created events that were aesthetically beautiful. We would lay the tables and would think about every detail – the napkins, the colour of the tablecloth and how we could piece together everything on the table. That’s kind of where I realised how much joy beautiful surroundings bring you. From there, I got way more into homewares and interiors. I was renting a flat in London at the time, so I started going to a couple of markets and buying some bits of furniture and reupholstering things. That is when I really got ‘the bug’. 


Where did the inspiration behind Glassette come from?

Well, I was (and still am!) always on the lookout for homeware purchases. Whether that was going to a market, a neighbourhood restaurant and spotting something I like, travelling further afield to find interesting pieces for my house or buying things on Instagram by DM-ing the seller. I felt like there wasn’t one place that aggregated all these ways to buy and shop homeware. We have Not on the High Street and Etsy but they didn’t feel very curated in the way that I wanted to shop. They are both great websites but I wanted to create a more curated platform. So, I basically just decided to build it myself!


You already have such a beautiful home. How do you make sure the spaces in your home continue to inspire you?

Thank you! I continually change things in my house, to be honest. I do a room and I think “Oh I’m happy. This room is kind of finished” and then I realise that it’s not finished at all because I like moving things around all the time. I’ve actually made a concerted effort to not have too many fixed things in my house which allows me to continually keep moving and evolving the house. That keeps it exciting for me! For example, my kitchen is mainly fixed in place but when we were going through the process of designing it, we had the option of adding a corner table with fitted seating. We decided against that in the end because we would never have been able to move the table and chairs freely. Instead, we went for a gorgeous dining table and I’m so glad we did. 

To make sure all the spaces continue to inspire me, I always add new bits and pieces – different colours, layers, and textures. I always pick up things for the house on my travels. When I get back, I find a place for the pieces, and whenever I walk past, they remind me of the place that I’ve been and that always sparks emotions of joy. 


When you are at home, what is your favourite way of unwinding?

I love telly and I love cooking too. I feel like as soon as I walk into my house, I gravitate towards the dining table, put all my bits and pieces down and depending on what time it is, I’ll make myself a cup of tea. If it’s the evening and I’m not working, I’ll sit down to watch some telly. I really like spending time at home so I don’t really have any favourite rooms. It is just nice to be in my space.


As a fellow ceramic lover, what are some of your favourite ceramic brands?

Well, of course, West House Pottery is one of my favourite brands! But to be honest,  I love all the ceramic brands we’ve got on Glassette. Stick Ceramics, George Bronwin, you guys – the list goes on! In addition to that, I really like Rachael Cocker and Wonki Ware


We love that each of our pieces is unique and ever so slightly different from the next and encourage our customers to pick and choose pieces to create their very own eclectic West House Pottery collection. We know you also love having an eclectic mix of furniture and accessories in your own home. How do you ensure that they all work together?

I don’t think it matters if they do or they don’t! I quite like having an eclectic mix of styles, colours, patterns and textures. 

I think style is super subjective. I don’t believe there is such thing as bad or good taste when it comes to interiors. It’s your house so it should be styled however you want it to be and it should be an interpretation of your personality. There is no right or wrong way. I think putting everything together in a way that you love is great. I don’t think you have to worry about what does or doesn’t work together. 


What do you think items like ceramics and pottery add to a home?

They add so much personality! I think when you’ve places like West House Pottery ceramics, where everything is made slightly differently, you can feel the love that has gone into making each piece. You can also see the passion, thought and process behind every item. It feels like each piece has been personally created and passed on from the maker to you, which brings a level of personality.

 I think handmade ceramics are always a great talking point in the home too. With certain pieces I have, people will always the brand, who made it and the story. 

Ceramics are just timeless pieces which can be passed down. I can’t wait to pass down pieces to my children. In fact, I buy pieces now and think ‘Oh I can’t wait to pass this down as a family heirloom’. Although they are always nice gifts to myself at the time too!


The most useful piece of pottery you have in your home?

Oh, that is a tough one because I find every piece I have useful! I also love to try to make each piece multi-functional rather than using them just for their ‘main job’. I have bowls that I use for eating, serving and displaying. Someone could use something like your tall ceramic flower vase and use it as a utensil pot or to hold paintbrushes if you are a painter. I think it is great that you can use pieces in so many different ways to suit your needs. 


The most beautiful piece of pottery you have in your home?

This is really sad but my daughter, Sid, made me this really cute little trinket pot. It’s got big thumbprints on it and it’s a bit messy but it was made with lots of love which means I love it the most. 


Favourite piece of furniture or ornament in your house?

My favourite piece of furniture is my dining room table because it is where all my family and friends gather – breakfast, lunch, dinner, dinner parties, when I have my girlfriends over for drinks and lots of other occasions. It is the anchor piece of my home. 


We like to call our ceramics ‘pottery with purpose’ as all of the money we make goes back into supporting the people we care for at West House. What is your favourite way of giving back?

Generosity is my favourite way of giving back. I make sure that I always support other brands and people. I think it is so important to give other people your time and share information with them. Whenever someone gives me some words of wisdom or lets me know where something is from, I’ll always share that information with people rather than keeping it to myself. I’m definitely an oversharer!


Head over to Glassette to shop a selection of our pieces or go to our our shop to shop the full collection. 

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